A little about me

We’re going to be the best of friends….

So a little about me. I grew up in the mountains of North Carolina and my love for the outdoors cannot be matched. I have served in the Peace Corps, found the love of my life in Alaska (serving in Americorps), and most recently graduated from Duke University with a bachelor’s degree in nursing. My RN speciality is Labor and Delivery (I just love those mama’s and babies!) and I most recently relocated to Washington DC to start my first year of nursing.

Because I love to be outside, I also love to run. However, this was not a love at first site; as Kelly Roberts says “I was the Former President of the ‘I F*cking Hate Running Club”. I hated it so much that in high school I volunteered to be a lacrosse goalie to avoid having to run the 5k as a warm up at practice each week… I willingly sat in a box and had a cement ball covered in rubber thrown at my body at 35 mph… I seriously F*#$ing hated running. But then like all love affairs, I gave it a shot and did one of those couch to 5k programs and ran my first 5k in 2013 in Billings, Montana. Every since then I have been hooked… it gets me outside in the fresh air and allows me to escape from work and most recently nursing school exams. I am by no means going to qualify for Boston Marathon anytime soon, but I am working hard to increase my speed, distance, and overall athletic abilities, because why not?

I wanted to create a site that I wish I could have found when I started to run. A site that combines the best places to run in the city (or other cities) as well as tips for getting started and avoiding injuries. So that’s why RUNDC.COM was created. Here you can find a new place to run in the city and have any questions you need answered. I want to be your best running friend, so don’t worry— there are no dumb questions here!

Ok I think I have blabbed long enough… head to the contact page if you have a question you are dying to ask; if not, stay sweaty!